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What to Expect

Fat loss is a journey that will encompass changes not only in your physical body, but also in your mental and emotional life as well. In fact, what happens in your thinking will profoundly effect your success.

Following are a few of the general changes you can expect as you move through the steps of your Lifestyle Transformation process:

In Fueling, we are preparing your body for the work of burning stored body fat as fuel. By slowly changing the macro nutrient ratios (calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and ‘cleaning up’ the food choices, we bring the metabolism up through the thermogenic reaction of eating real, unprocessed food.

Here are some of the changes you may find during Fueling:

  • better sleep
  • increased energy
  • feeling of ‘fullness’, and sometimes bloating as your body adapts to the changes
  • in nutrition
  • increased strength
  • clearer, brighter eyes
  • better digestion
  • decrease in need for some prescribed medications
  • ‘hot flash’ feelings - increased warmth after eating and/or at night
  • general increased warmth
  • changes in body composition (more muscles, less fat), frequently resulting in weight loss on the scale
  • detoxification symptoms of water loss, fat loss, and some folks experience colds as their bodies shed mucous and toxins
  • increased hunger in the morning and between meals
  • decreased cravings for sugar, refined/processed foods, and coffee

These are some of the challenges you may confront:

  • frustration at paying attention to what, exactly, you are eating
  • fears that you will ‘get fat’ from eating
  • forgetting’ to eat
  • comments from others that you are ‘eating too much’
  • body image issues - such as seeing yourself ‘fatter’ in the mirror even though clothes fit looser and/or the scale reflects weight loss
  • time management - learning to make the time to take care of YOU in your food journaling, exercise, and food preparation
  • establishing new tastes in your new food choices
  • developing different routines in your day - such as planning ahead, packing meals to go, making time to eat

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Many clients look forward to Rotation after the months of eating in Fueling. In Rotation, your calories and macro nutrient ratios will change almost daily as we trick your body into burning stored fat for fuel. We began that process in Fueling, by turning off the ‘famine response’ in the body and providing the body with plenty of good, clean food to utilize and fuel up on. Now comes the work of active fat loss.

Here are some of the changes you may find during Rotation:

  • looking and feeling generally leaner
  • good energy
  • regular fat loss - an average of one to one and a half pounds per week for females and one and a half to two pounds per week for males
  • increased fitness and strength
  • moods leveling out
  • mental empowerment as you achieve your goals
  • being able to wear new types of styles in clothing, colors, and hairdos
  • able to participate in sports and new leisure activities as your fitness improves

These are some of the challenges you may confront:

  • you may have some hunger
  • comments from others that you are 'getting too little' and 'losing too much weight' and that if you're not careful, you may 'disappear'
  • increased attention to your body from others - including the opposite sex
  • sabotage from well-meaning others (pushing food, social pressure to eat or drink 'off track', negative comments, etc.)
  • not personally seeing the changes in the mirror that others see or that the scale and your looser-fitting clothes reflect (body image issues)
  • impatience with the process - wanting the 'drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks!' fix
  • cravings and withdrawal symptoms as you break your addictions to food and emotional eating patterns
  • boredom with eating
  • emotional weight plateaus, 10 lb marker plateaus
  • facing eating habits: reward eating, stress eating, emotional eating...
  • hormone swings as your body drops fat
  • stress at 'social eating' functions
  • needing new clothes

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In maintenance, the hard work of rotation is over and your goal is to sustain the newly svelte, lean, fit body you have sculpted for your self. In this stage, we will level out your daily caloric intake and macro nutrients, slowly bringing them up to a sustainable and healthy level while keeping the fat loss you have achieved. We will be lowering the amount and intensity of the cardio work that you do. By this time, exercise is an important part of your lifestyle that you will rely on to preserve your new level of fitness. ‘Clean eating’ will be second nature, and you will fully appreciate the benefits of your new eating habits.

Here are some of the changes you may find during Maintenance:

  • your body may continue to drop a little bit more fat as you ease off of rotating
  • you can buy new clothes, confident that you will keep your new body
  • a sense of empowerment that will spill over to the rest of your daily living
  • a profound sense of pride
  • new levels of strength and endurance that you will notice in your daily life
  • a deep understand of what your body needs in terms of exercise and fuel to function at an optimal level
  • the realization that fitness is a continuum and you can set new goals for your body!
  • ‘social eating’ is easier because you have more self-acceptance about what you are doing
  • feeling pulled toward new life goals

These are some of the challenges you may confront:

  • jealousy, envy, and negative comments from others
  • discomfort with friends who are not at ease with your changes
  • bingeing on foods you have been without for many months, and noting the negative consequences (normal!)
  • mental discomfort with buying smaller clothing (not identifying with being physically smaller)
  • defending your lifestyle to friends/family who do not understand the changes you have made
  • overweight people no longer recognize you as one of them and may assume you’ve ‘always been lean and athletic’

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It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something. But that’s the catch, getting your mind to work for YOU. My wife had the pleasure of transforming her, and ultimately our, life with Foster Fitness after the birth of our first child. The end result was, and still is, absolutely incredible and was worth every painful moment. It was a few “painful moments” that I truly want to talk about for all of you supporting members. My wife and I have always been very honest with one another and continue to be honest throughout our relationship. But it was that true honesty that caused more than one “painful moment” until I spoke with Sheri Lynn.

When your best friend, spouse, partner, child, relative or loved one embarks on this transformation process of their body and mind, there is no more important individual in their life than YOU as support. There are many that are strong and can handle the mental anguish that can come with the transformation process. But even the strongest can become weak, and that is where we come in. We need to learn when it is okay to tell them what they need to hear, because it is YOU who can help them get their mind to work and focus on their goal.

I cannot encourage you enough to understand what the transformation process will do and where the mental stages come into play so that you will be prepared and equipped to help as a support partner. Your life will positively change as mine has as support, and I am grateful to Foster Fitness for helping my wife feel and look better than she ever has. The body truly does achieve what the mind believes.

Jason M - 11/13/06

In my wife’s transformation, at first I had a hard time with all the new habits she was developing. Not only did she not cook the same, but she was leaving early in the morning to work out, talking about health all the time, researching fitness subjects on the internet, reading new magazines, and buying workout wear. At first I thought it was a phase and it would pass so I ignored it. I made fun of her sometimes, and wouldn’t try the new foods she was cooking. I thought for sure any day she’d go back to the way things were. She was graceful about not chastising my food choices (too much, anyway!) and not expecting me to be on the same page she was.

Well, it felt like quite suddenly, her body started changing, and changing by the week. It was really exciting and somewhat threatening at the same time to watch her get leaner, stronger, more sure of herself. She started standing up for herself more often and was becoming very protective of her working out time.

She didn’t quit. She made it all the way. It’s a year and a half later at this writing and she is still lean and fit, her body continues to get stronger, and fitness and healthy eating are still her game plan. Only now I am on board with her. To watch all the amazing changes she went through, I could no longer deny it was real or pretend she was on some ‘crash diet’. This is the real McCoy and I recommend being supportive from the get-go, but I know how hard that is!! Here are things I wish I had done earlier: be supportive - listen listen listen and help her make time for herself keep crap food out of the house - it’ll only make her cranky let go of telling her she is too skinny - that’s your problem, not hers tell her you are proud and that you like her the way she is (never underestimate how the emotional tides will turn!) never ever say she has a big butt, even if you think you’re trying to ‘be honest’ and keep her inspired (she won’t find it inspiring, trust me).

Ron W. - 10/2/06

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How husbands can be supportive?
Mine has never questioned why we "have" to eat at certain places and at certain times. Although he is a sugar addict, he removes his "stuff" to the garage freezer/refrigerator so I won't be tempted. In the beginning, he always asked first before eating anything in front of me that might be tempting. After a year, he often tastes my food and declares my taste buds are officially dead, but he frequently tells me how good I look.

Friends developed split personalities as they watched me change. They tell you one day how good you look and then the next day, stamp their foot and say "this has to stop you are too skinny." One day its "I really admire you for sticking to this", the next day its "I don't see how you eat all that crazy stuff". I have found that most of them really don't want to know how you did it when they ask. So now I just say, "Hired a nutrition coach, hired a weight coach, spent a fortune." That weeds out the ones who really aren't interested!

Funny story: I knew I'd really changed shape when I walked into a restaurant restroom and saw someone in the mirror that I thought looked like my svelte sister and it was me!

My other fun one was when my boss (and good friend) and I spent 3 days together on a road show and when I dropped her off at her hotel the 3rd night and got out to help her with her bag, she turned around and practically screamed, "Good grief, you've lost 10 pounds since you got in the car this morning."

Tina L. - 9/15/06

What I would wish to hear.....

  • I think that you are beautiful but I understand your need to be healthy and feel good about yourself. I will support you.
  • Hey sounds great, I need to do that too so lets do it together!
  • This sounds like a major life change. How can I help?
  • During program........Honey I know that you have been working really hard so here is some money to go and buy some new clothes.....the old ones are just hanging on you.

What Gets Me Pissed Off

  • People who think they know better than you do
  • People who try to sabotage by trying to give you food
  • People who tell you it will never work because nothing has ever worked for you and why should this be any different

What Makes Me Glow

  • Buying smaller sizes
  • Compliments
  • Actually wanting to get on the scale
  • Feeling better
  • Finally found the "high" from exercising......kind of like finding your "G" spot only its the "E" spot!


  • Well the good ones support you in whatever you do
  • The not so good ones try to get you to cheat.....just one little glass of wine won't hurt you.....
  • The bad ones are just jealous and mean and you are better off without them anyway. Drop the excess baggage.

For me I used to dress in sweats, never wear makeup......I mean who needs it since I am a stay at home mom with three kids......The reality is that if I got up and got dressed in nicer clothes and put the make-up on and cared about myself just a little more it made everything better, my outlook, my attitude, staying on plan, interacting with people. In short, it was a boost to my self esteem which is what I was loosing my rolls of fat. As my very wise trainer once told me, put yourself at the top of the list and everything else falls into place.

Kellie M - 9/19/06

Significant other:

  • Notice the changes and say something positive about it.
  • "You look great"
  • "You are very dedicated to this process and it is showing"
  • What really pisses me off?
  • When people do not even try to understand what I am doing and do not even care to find out. If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything.

What makes me glow?
When I can see the changes in my body, when I drop sizes, when I can increase the amount of weight I can lift, feeling sexy in my body.
What about friends? Most have been supportive and I am thankful that they are noticing the changes.

Stories to share.
I am just amazed and excited about process. I feel incredibly strong and so much more aware of my body and the incredible strength that I have that has just been hidden by my lack of knowing what to do. I am beginning to feel like an athlete. It is so exciting to learn about food and how my body responds to certain foods and understand my sensitivities.

This process is takes dedication, patience, and self-love, but the results are life changing.

Jamie A - 9/20/06

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