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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Angela. 44. My transformation began with a single decision I made in the fall of 2003. I decided I did not want to be overweight any more and I wanted more energy for life. I set some specific goals and made a plan. I read books and magazines, noted what I perceived to be working for other people and copied those behaviors. And initially my plan worked.

I began simply by changing the types and quantities of the food I was eating. The first change I made was breakfast. I started eating it. I began eating only organic foods, watching my portions so I wasn't overeating and making sure I was eating whole grains, lean meats and lots of fresh, raw vegetables. I was wearing size 12 jeans when I made this decision in November and by Christmas I was wearing size 10s. My husband and I joined our local gym and the trainer there gave us a weight lifting program along with some tips on how often and for how long I should do my aerobic exercise. Throughout 2004 I continued to lose weight and fit into smaller sizes of clothing. I was ecstatic the day I could fit into size 8 jeans and purchased my first Medium sized blouse. When I went home to visit my family for thanksgiving that year I was a size 6, everyone was so complimentary about how I looked and I felt great.

However, another event in 2004 created some challenges for me that began to limit my weight loss. I had gotten braces that October and found it was difficult for me to eat most of the foods I had been eating for the last year, especially raw salads. I turned to soft, comfort foods: pasta, yogurt, bananas, ice cream, and canned soups. Foods I rationalized were "just fine" since I was exercising regularly and the braces were only temporary. My energy level began to fall and I reached a weight loss plateau.

In February of 2005 we joined a new fitness center and I began to notice that my weight was not dropping anymore; it was beginning to creep upwards. I felt increasingly frustrated with my weight training program and the advice I was getting about food. My joints were aching and I wasn't increasing my weights. My husband noticed a Personal Trainer at this gym that was as meticulous and detail oriented as he is. She explained every exercise in detail and spent copious amounts of time making sure her clients were using proper form. She was getting excellent results so he hired her to teach him a new weight lifting program. He was so impressed with the instruction he received he encouraged me to hire her as well. That amazing trainer was Sheri Lynn.

I had my first session with Sheri in July of 2005. She analyzed the foods I was eating, made some suggestions and helped me understand the science behind what I ate and how it affected my metabolism. Over the next year and a half I became thoroughly educated in how everything I put into my body affects my metabolism, my moods, my weight and my overall feelings of well-being. For years I struggled with depression and anxiety and had been taking Zoloft since 2000. As I cleaned up my diet I was able to reduce my dosage monthly until I stopped taking it entirely in the spring of 2006. I also began to grasp the connection between body fat and eating certain foods. By eliminating foods I was sensitive to, particularly wheat and dairy, my body was able to use the food I ingested for fuel instead of having to work so hard to process what it perceived to be a toxin that it had to store everything else as fat. I learned that while creating a calorie deficit is an important key to permanent fat loss; it is the RATIO of protein, carbohydrates and fats that make up one's caloric intake that is even more important. That is why using a food calculator has been so effective for my transformation. There is absolutely no other way to hone your diet for optimum fat burning without calculating out those ratios.
Genesis Transformation program goes deeper than weight loss. Sheri is truly a coach. She motivates, teaches, mentors, empathizes and cares - truly cares - about her clients. I did learn proper form for weight training, I did lose weight and did I increase my level of fitness and confidence to a level I once could only fantasize about. But I also learned how what I eat can either help me or disable me. I now have the tools to maintain a healthy, vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

As I write this I have lost over 40 pounds and am now wearing size 2 jeans. When I think about my 5' frame carrying all that old weight around I am astounded. But even more astounding is hearing a woman at the gym describe me "super fit" the other day. Those are not words I would have ever used to describe myself before I met and hired Sheri Lynn.
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