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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Cameron. 26. I was the most uncomfortable I have ever been with my self. Granted, it was after I had my daughter, but it was an excuse to tell myself I was pregnant and could eat whatever I wanted. I remember my confidence and self esteem being really low. My mom has always been into fitness and health, and while I was happy for her and her fitness level, I could not help but be a little envious of her tiny waist. I started keeping a daily food journal of what I was eating, which initially consisted of a lot of fast food and convenience packaged food because I was living on my own and didn't like cooking. As I began to clean up my food choices, I started going to the gym and went on daily walks. First my calories went up real high, and I was amazed I was losing weight eating so much. As my weight came down, I felt better about myself and was able to wear clothes without elastic waistbands and got rid of my maternity clothes.

It's an emotional and physically challenging path, but it's worth it.

The high point was when I put a size 3 skirt on and noticed it fell off my hips! I remember just staring in the mirror mesmerized, I could not believe I was that small! I had never looked so fit in my life, not even before the baby. I started receiving more and more compliments from people and went to a hairdresser and had my shoulder length hair cut off to a cute pixie-do to celebrate the new me.

When I became pregnant with my second child, I didn't want to get up to the unhealthy weight again. I was able to monitor my food better from what I had learned, I gained only 22 lbs and I lost it a lot easier this second time around. It feels pretty good to see the look on people's faces when I tell them I have two little kids, and I'm happy to have the support of my mom, Sheri Lynn.
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