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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Cary. 53. I started taking Courtney?s Pilates class at Flathead Fitness in the fall of 2007. She was the best instructor I had ever had and wanted to invest in some personal training with her. About that time there was a write up in the newspaper about Genesis Transformation. There was Courtney's photo! I checked out the web site and emailed Sheri telling her I wanted to sign up. By November 2007, I had started the fueling process. At first the "diet" mindset - mostly from years of Weight Watchers - messed with the concept of eating to lose weight. I always ate healthy, BUT did not eat nearly enough. My Scandinavian/Irish body was storing away for the next famine and neither exercise nor eating less made a difference. I am very active with horses and skiing and love to be outside. It was getting uncomfortable and difficult to have the energy and stamina to do the things I loved to do. I also had digestive issues along with a knee injury that happened in boot camp previously.

So, the adventure began. Sometimes the increase in food intake almost had me in tears at the amount I was facing to eat for dinner. I soon learned that I had to better plan and space out my eating throughout the day so dinner wasn't so overwhelming. I remember a point where I actually saw muscle definition when looking in the mirror while lifting weights! That was pretty encouraging. I fueled for 7 months as I had knee surgery, recovered from that, traveled, and did other things that made it difficult to handle rotation any sooner. Throughout this fueling process, my calories went up, and the allowed foods diminished until it was real food only. Different from other programs which actually sell processed food to "assist" in the losing of weight, I learned that simple eating was the answer. Eliminating wine was a big deal to me. I looked forward to that glass or two of wine at the end of each day. When I saw my body change faster as well as the number on the scale, it was well worth getting rid of alcohol. I slept better and got a lot more done each evening without the wine haze in my body and mind.

People around me started to notice a difference. I set a weight goal, and then lowered that by another 5 lbs when it was reached, then went down another 5. I went from a size 12 to a 4 or 6! As my sister noticed, I have never been this small. I have weighed less, but never been this tiny. This is a testament to eating the right foods and working hard building muscle. The other day in a clothing store, another customer told me I was lucky to have lost weight after the sales lady commented on how small I had become. When she walked away, I told the clerk "LUCK!, it was hard work and took a lot of tenacity to get here." Interesting what we tell ourselves to avoid actually doing something about our bodies.

I feel proud of what I have accomplished, realizing that it will always take a diligent effort to eat clean and stay strong. At 53, I am ready for that commitment. The energy I have now has encouraged me to do hikes, rafting, and other things that I would have never felt equipped to give a try before, or brave enough. Confidence in my body's abilities and strength is worth everything I did to get here. Courtney is an awesome trainer - never letting me rest on my laurels and always pushing me beyond what I thought was possible. The accountability of a food coach, who tailors the program just for my body, is worth the time spent planning and preparing my meals for the day and entering the data into the online program.
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