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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Nancy. 53. I started working with Sheri Lynn in the fall of 2005 because I hurt. Old injuries, inactivity, and age had taken its toll, and it seemed that every joint ached. Even though Sheri started me on the simplest of core-strengthening exercises, my initial progress was measured in baby steps. Yet I persevered, because I sensed that Sheri Lynn could help me successfully regain a functional, pain free body.

It took several months of working with her before I broached the sensitive issue of weight loss. Of course I wanted to lose weight-I was at an all-time high-but it took me that long to trust that Sheri Lynn could, indeed, help me. I couldn't bear to fail yet again in a structured program. And I honestly didn't think I had what it took to follow what she espoused. But my desperation made me decide to commit, as well as her confidence in my ability to lose weight under her tutelage.

That was a year ago, and what an adventure it's been! Exactly a year since I made that commitment, I reached my goal weight. To an outsider, a year might seem a long time to lose 35 pounds. But it really has taken a year to shift my self-concept, battle with all the resistances that came up, and truly embrace my new body as it evolved. I never quit or experienced any significant backsliding, although I did stay at plateaus for long periods of time as my head adjusted. Because, as Sheri Lynn would repeatedly tell me, the challenge isn't in dropping weight but in getting our heads around all the changes that are required to do so. I had to let go of so many long-held beliefs I had about losing weight (I thought I knew everything there was to know!). And I had to face all my fears and what-ifs that began to surface as my weight began to drop.

When people ask how I did it, I never hesitate to attribute my success to Sheri Lynn. She provided the expertise, inspiration, and encouragement on a weekly basis that kept me plugging on. Her knowledge of how the body works in terms of physical structure and metabolism is extensive, and her passion for helping others runs deep. I particularly appreciate her skillful ability to demonstrate how to do exercises safely and effectively. If I didn't understand, she would patiently reframe her explanation until I did. She always gave me 100% of her attention during the time we had together.

But it isn't Sheri Lynn's knowledge about the workings of the body that I'm most grateful for. It's her understanding of the mental and emotional component of transforming one's body. She knew how to handle my changing moods and respond accordingly. She intuitively knew what I needed - some days she pushed me; while others we'd set aside the weights and she'd provide much-needed counsel and support. She knew when I needed my spirits lifted with a pep talk, and when I needed a firm talking-to to set me on my path again.

So I have Sheri Lynn to thank for the slender, fit physique I now enjoy. I routinely do exercises using weights that would have triggered joint pain just a year ago. I have learned how my metabolism works and a way of eating that is healthy, satisfying, and will keep me slim. I'm 53, but feel like I'm decades younger. The changes in my thinking have been as profound as those in my body. The success that I'm experiencing is creating the confidence to move forward with other goals in my life. Sheri Lynn has been a wise and amazing mentor and coach, and I deeply appreciate her for the powerful work she does!
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