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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Annette. 45. This all began as a way to lose weight, period! I had no idea losing weight was anything more than just "getting rid of fat" that, the actual losing of the weight would be so effected by emotional issues as well as the food I ate.
At 45 I am your (and I quote) "normal" healthy adult female who has always been active. Having run 3 marathons I have continued my running workouts as a way to both lose weight and be outside. I had recently added weight training to my routine to improve posture and strength. But, something wasn't working. It seemed like the more I worked out the more weight I gained. Having never experienced weight gain before I attributed it to aging and thought no one can do anything about aging right? Until that fateful day. I was in a dressing room with a rather large 3-way mirror when, I realized there was a heavy person in the room with me... and she had back fat... and she was me! I had had enough. It was time to face reality and at 159 pounds I had a lot of reality to face.
I had been talking to some friends who were on this interesting "life style transformation program." The more I watched the more I saw results. OK ! That is for me! I decided next step find coach to help me lose weight ASAP!
Coach found (Sheri Lynn) and with a little coaxing and yes a desperate plea or two to persuade her to help me, I began the process. I was sure this wouldn't take long after all how much can there be to losing weight. I was unprepared for the emotional impact of "losing weight" and I think, no I know, without the constant support and guidance of Sheri Lynn I would have not made it.
I had no idea I would have to watch "my head" as well as my mouth or that I would reach points where I would try to sabotage myself for trying to do something good for myself. That some of the things that were buried under all that "extra weight" were helping to keep that weight there.
As I get close to reaching my goal weight and moving into maintenance I am grateful that this is not a fleeting prize. That the knowledge and the results will always be with me and the benefits far out weigh what I ever dreamed of. Thank you Sheri Lynn for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself and helping me to yes, even enjoy this amazing journey.
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