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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Meghan. 35. About a year ago June of 2006, I reached the point of being totally fed up with my body. I honestly thought something was wrong with me because I thought I ate healthy and I exercised fairly regularly but my weight never budged. I had lots of rules about my eating like "no icecream, no butter, minimum cheese, low fat yogurt, sprouted breads, no cream sauses, no creamy salad dressing etc." The list goes on. But for all this healthy eating and exercising nothing ever changed. I had no idea also how large I had gotten.
I think I had the reverse of what happens to anorexics in that I thought I still looked way smaller than I actually did. I had talked to my Dr. a year or so before and she suggested that I hire a nutritionist to work with - but of course I never did because I thought I ate healthy and the nutritionist would be a waste of money because it wasnt' the food that was wrong - it was my body that was messed up. I blamed it on a short bout with anorexia in highschool - I had decided that I had forever ruined my metabolism and that was that. I had friends tell me all the time that they couldn't understand why I wasn't tiny because I never ate very much. I was an overweight - under eater. I also had had a "bad stomach" for years. I would get terrible "gassy" pains and wish someone would step on my stomach to make it all go way. I thought this was just the way my stomach was.
I knew a woman who was working with Sheri Lynn who had gotten great results.
I thought to myself - give it a try and if this doesn't work I will just prove my theory correct in that my body is forever messed up.
Initially I must admit that I didn't have much faith in the program. Sheri Lynn kept telling me to stop thinking about it and just stick with it. I also was planning on getting married in October of 2006 and thought if I can just lose 10 lbs Ill be happy. For quite some time I was totally focused on the scale and how it "wasn't moving" but strangely enough all my clothes were getting too big. I was of course convinced that they must have stretched out because the darn scale wasn't moving. But in reality I WAS getting smaller & firmer. I had never lifted weights before and the changes my body was making was fun. I loved that I had muscles. Not big buldgy muscles. Cute toned muscles. It felt good to let go of some of the responsibility for my weight and hand that responsability over to Sheri Lynn. I kept doing what she told me to do and felt that if it didn't work it "wasn't my fault" somehow this felt good. During the process sometimes things get hard because it is hard to go out to eat or to go to a friends house to eat. It can get a little isolating but your good friends will support you in this life changing adventure. You will also come to notice just how poorly most people eat. I have to bite my tongue when people tell me they eat healthy while I watch them put things they shouldn't eat into their bodies.
Its almost a year later and I am still working on dropping a little more weight but so far I have dropped 30 lbs and gone from a size 12 (when in actuallity I probably could have also worn a size 14 but I refused to wear
them) to a size 4 and from a 33 percent body fat to around 20 percent (I haven't checked this in a while but it was about 20 percent last time I checked). I feel great.
The head games that one plays along this journey are astounding. Initially when Sheri Lynn told me about all the head games I would play I thought "this won't happen to me - it happends to other people but not me". Well - I too am human and have stumbled into the head games. It is truly amazing how long it takes your head to catch up with the reality of what your new, lean body looks like. I think I still see myself in the mirror with the 30 lbs on me. I believe that this will get better over time. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new body (as does my husband) but I don't think that what I see and what others see is the same image of me right now. Also my stomach is happier than it has ever been. I realized during this process that I am grain intolerant - as soon as I cut grains out of my diet I have not wished someone would step on my stomach. This is a GREAT thing. Overall I feel great and feel blessed to have had the oppportunity to work with Sheri Lynn.
I could not have done this without her - her spunky spirit and no bull attitude keeps you going when your not feeling like you can keep going. As she says "its not hard - just do what I tell you and it WILL work".
Sometimes easier said than done - but she's right!
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