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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
G.B.. 62. When I think back to where I was and compare it to where I am now; I am amazed, thankful, and excited. I am amazed that I have lost 50lbs, thankful that I have learned so much about myself, and excited to see what is to come. I was so incredibly frustrated as I was not able to lose weight like I use to no matter what I did. I am a nurse practitioner and helping people stay healthy and get healthy is what I do, but there I was 62 years old and 30lbs overweight. Before I found Genesis Transformation, I had talked to various people about my inability to lose weight including a dietician, numerous health coaches, and personal trainers who basically all told me what I already knew: exercise more and eat less which had always worked for me before when I needed to lose some weight. The problem was I would lose 10-15lbs, go back to my old eating habits which I thought were healthy and then my weight would slowly creep back up there. Then, I got to a point where no matter what I did didnít work. I checked my thyroid, checked my cortisol levels, exercised more, ate less, ate more, exercised more; nothing worked. I had always been very active and knew that if I wanted to keep doing the things I like to do- jog, hike, snowski, waterski- that I needed to get in better shape. I had been stuck at an unhealthy weight for over 2 years and thatís when I found Genesis Transformation and Sheri Lynn who has been my coach.
Sheri convinced me that I was overexercising and undereating if you can believe that. I was very skeptical, but since I tried everything else I gave it a try. I started eating more, exercising less and the weight just continued to come off so easily I was amazed. To make a long story short, my metabolism was in a starvation mode with all my yo-yo dieting and overexercising I had been doing all those years. Once my body got used to eating more calories; I lost more weight than I originally thought I would. I feel so much better, sleep better, have more energy, and actually am very pleased to not be packing an extra 50lbs of fat up the trail when I hike. I made some major changes in what I ate though I always thought I was a fairly healthy eater. I am back to exercising regularly but not over exercising.
Genesis Transformation is more than just weight loss though that was the reason I started. Just as important to me as the weight loss has been the journey that has gone along with it. As a nurse practitioner, I take care of everyone else, but I needed some redirection to realize I needed to take care of myself if I was to continue to care for other people. So taking care of myself including getting enough rest, water, and sleep in addition to eating well and exercising reasonably. I actually retired from one of my jobs teaching nursing students and now work part time. And I have had a great summer doing a lot of hiking, walking, and some waterskiing believe it or not. One of my goals now is to help other frustrated ladies in similar circumstances. I recently attended the first session of the Mastery Program. It was a great experience with a wonderful group of people. I would highly recommend it. Although none of our journeys will be the exactly the same, it all starts with eating healthy. And believing in the process- that the body can achieve what the mind believes. . Thank you Sheri Lynn and Genesis Transformation. You are awesome.
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