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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Tracey. 43. I am a 43-year-old mother of two who began working with Genesis Transformation(Sheri Lynn) approximately one year ago. I am 5' 8" and weighed 182 pounds with a body fat of 35% when I started. I have exercised all of my adult life: 1 - 2 hours/day. The year previous to working with FF I exercised even more than I usually did - adding more cardio, yoga, spinning etc. and changed my diet (I thought) to no avail. I should also note that I was a huge sugar addict to the degree that I was known at work and home as always having a "candy drawer." Over the year previous to working with FF my weight stayed the same probably even went up? I don't know as I did not weigh myself at that point.

When I first met with Sheri Lynn, I was hopeful that I could look and feel better but I did not have any preconceived ideas as to what that really meant for me. There were, however, a few things that I believed were true for me and for most people for that matter. First, that there is only SO much that you can do with what you have - physically. Secondly I believed that ALL women have cellulite to some degree no matter what you eat or do for exercise. Finally, I believed that I needed to lose about 20 pounds. The last I could remember feeling really good was at about 160 lbs.

When I decided to actually work with GT I decided if I was going to do it I needed to do it all - food and fitness - so I made the commitment! It was now or never for me as not only did I want to be healthier and leaner for myself but I also wanted to be a good role model for my two girls (now four and 6). I should note that in the beginning, as far as the food aspect goes, I can remember thinking that "I can do this for while to get where I want to be but long term?"

Well it has been almost a year for me and I am 4 pounds from my goal weight of 135 and have a body fat of 15%! Never in my life have I felt SO lean, fit and healthy. Has it been easy? No! Have I struggled and backslided occasionally? Yes. Has there been times that I sabotaged myself by going back to old habits (i.e., sugar, binging etc.)? Many times! The bad news is ones head is always going to get in the way to some degree, but the times that I backslide are farther and fewer between. However, given all that, I now am at a place where I can't imagine eating any other way and the things that I typically crave are heathier food such as nuts and dried fruit; and believe me there is no one that believed more than I that that was not possible given my grand sugar addiction.

A few of the things that have come out of this whole journey for me are: one, you CAN change your body as much as you want and desire; two, it is possible to not have cellulite (eating clean and exercising better); three, I no longer have a candy drawer and I don't miss it (99% of the time). However, the most important thing that came out of all this is that I finally REALLY like my body. I have always compared myself to other women, wishing I had "her body" or looked more like "that women"; and finally for first time in my life the body I want is the body I have! To all who choose to become the best they can be - it is worth it!
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