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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Diane P.. 59. It has been 10 months (February 12, 2011) since I spoke with friends of mine at dinner about my fairly recent (10 year) struggle with weight. That was the beginning of my GT awareness and hence my journey that put me where I am today.
I have always been very active, eaten in a healthy way (or so I thought) and never had much difficulty with my weight until I turned 45 (and peri-menopausal). I was always able to eat as much as I wanted and with a little increase in exercise (biking, hiking, running, skating, aerobics) the weight would drop right off. My adolescent weight was around 110 pounds, and over the years with childbearing and normal metabolic changes I was up to my latest normal of 120 pounds.
That February evening I had recently weighed in at 133 pounds after 3 rounds of dropping weight with the Weight Watchers program. No matter what I did (and I was very disciplined w/ WW) I could not get my weight to go back down to 120 and stay stable there. My friends referred me to the GT program and I was very fortunate to have Sheri as my coach- she never ceased to amaze me- even though when we met she said I would be 104 pounds, healthier , would have a better toned body than ever before AND I would NOT be STARVING and HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!!!!!
I have to admit I was NOT inclined to really believe those promises, but was so frustrated with the lack of real progress I made to that point, I was ready sign up and “Drink the Koolaid”.
I have had my ups and downs and many plateaus where I thought I would never lose the thigh and belly cellulite, never really firm up, never see my abs, never get below 118 pounds which is the lightest I ever weighed after childbirth. Sheri reminded me to think about my goals, give my body rest, change what I ate, listen to my body and most of all put my trust in her and her knowledge of the extremely complex machine that my body really was.
Many times I refused to believe that certain foods were really poison to my body and the headaches or fatigue or weight gains of 4 pounds overnight were due to foods I had eaten. The running joke then became- How much Draino is ok to eat? A lick, a teaspoon, a tablespoon?…etc , you get the idea. I finally just stopped questioning and did what was best for my body and avoided those foods. My weight continued to drop, became more stable and my personal trainer helped me hone my muscles to where they are today.
I was and remain TOTALLY committed to the GT program and in just 10 months, I have better health, great muscles, a full belly (most of the time) AND now weigh 103 pounds. I am now in early maintenance because I stubbornly insisted I would NOT fall off the wagon and really wanted to move forward (I am very driven, but also inpatient).
GT is NOT a program for the faint of heart- I believe you need to be willing to commit 150 percent and do EVERYTHING your coach advises- from finding local organic foods, having a great personal trainer for your workouts and NOT feeling guilty about being committed to making you be the best you can be. The results are AMAZING and since we are always growing and evolving, there is no END.
I don’t intend to stop learning and growing with the GT program and I hope I (and others) will inspire you to believe in yourself and be the best you ever! I am proud when I look I the mirror and see where my hard work has paid off not only on the outside but on the inside too!

As Sheri would say, ENJOY!
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