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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
Leonard. 46. Hello, my name is Leonard, and I'm a nacho-holic. I started the program at 205 pounds, which is the most I've weighed. I've fluctuated from 195-200 pounds for at least 10 years, and at 205 decided that it's time to do something about my weight.
After only about a month of eating clean and balanced and struggling to eat as much as I was supposed to, I dropped to 190 pounds, and I wasn't even regularly going to the gym. After the second month, getting in some walking most days and lifting light weights with proper form, I was down to around 180 pounds and was forced to get new clothes.
My weight stabilized there for several weeks, as I gained muscle mass and tried to deal with my new body image. 180 pounds is what I weighed from my mid-20's until my early 30's, so going beyond this is really difficult for me, mentally. I hit major emotional roadblocks, but stuck to the program with only minor deviations into holiday foods.
I got down to 170 pounds for about a week around the end of my third month, which just happened to be December, and then my brain imploded as I found that the new clothes were feeling as baggy as my old ones. I stopped doing the program and put 10 pounds on, though it took over a month to regain the weight because my metabolism is still fired up and I'm eating better than I did before I started Genesis.
Among the wonderful excuses my brain makes for not wanting to get completely lean I offer the following gems of self-denial:
It's downright un-American to be a lean man
If God didn't want us to eat bread, he wouldn't have given us butter
Middle-aged men are supposed to have at least a little bit of a gut
I hate shopping, especially for clothes, and the ones I have aren't worn out
I don't care if I have food allergies, they only hurt in the short run
Giving up alcohol and pork is giving in to terrorists
My favorite pastimes don't require cardiovascular fitness
I must eat everything, I don't want to insult the cook
I may be fat, but at least I'm not obese
Alcohol has a negative food value, so it must help me lose weight!
Yes, I'm kidding, those are all jokes, it's just too bad that the joke is on me, or at least on my waistline. Hopefully I'll get over the impractical joke I'm playing on myself and get back on the program soon. I'm still at 180 pounds, but at least I know why and I have the option to get down to 165 when I'm able to get my mind around being in shape.
Oh, and the nicest part is how long it takes to put the weight back on. It sort of takes an effort after your metabolism is running right.
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