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And the GUTS to get it done. These transformations represent real people, not models. We are proud of them for the success they achieved.
There is a certain level of Power in being focused on a goal. To have a path. To make a decision to stand for you. Putting you at the top of your list sets the course for your day - for your health - for your life. The simple act of recognizing that you are important and worthy of your own attention will instantly begin to raise your self respect and level of empowerment.

All the energy that you spend on a daily basis feeling dissatisfied with how you look, feel, perform - the negative feedback when you look in the mirror - the self flagellation and shame - all this energy converts to time taking CARE of you instead of sabotaging you. By the very nature of your owning a human body, you deserve - indeed, are entitled to - sublime health and fitness.

- Sheri Lynn

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