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Genesis is a powerful food journaling tool to assist you in your Lifestyle Transformation.

Genesis contains an accurate, customized food database to allow you to both journal and pre-plan your daily food choices and receive immediate feedback on whether or not you are meeting your caloric and/or macro nutrient targets. This allows you to keep precise and accurate meal plans for daily eating in order to meet your physical goals - whether you are working on fat loss, muscle gain, athletic fueling, nutrient tracking for health, or feeding your family. It also allows you to keep a check on your eating if you are maintaining your current physique status.

Aside from the customized food database, Genesis is equipped with tools to make your daily food journaling easier:

  • Your own personal custom foods and recipes
  • A recipe section filled with recipes appropriate for your Lifestyle Transformation process
  • Pull down lists with food choice suggestions for the stage you are in
  • General information about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to educate you in your transformation process

Through Genesis, you will also have personalized motivational notes from your coach, a definitions section, and a support forum with like-minded folks working on Lifestyle Transformation.

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Why keep a daily food journal?
Most folks are out of touch with what and how much they actually eat. Many are quite surprised by their eating habits once they start to journal their daily food intake.

Daily food journaling:

  • keeps you in touch with the reality of what goes into your mouth
  • removes the guess work out of balancing calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats
  • takes out the stress of figuring out what to eat - you’ve already made a plan and all you have to do is stick with it
  • keeps you accountable for your eating

Is precision really that important?
The mind is a tricky thing. Especially if the mind is addled by addictions, cravings, misinformation, emotional distress, social pressure, and stress. A simple ‘little taste’ of this and a ‘bite’ of that add up and program your body to respond accordingly. An extra stalk of broccoli will not impact your physique. A few bites of chocolate cake will. One feeds your body additional nutrients and fiber, the other is going to spike your insulin and ask your body to burn carbohydrates (as opposed to stored fat) for fuel.

Everything that goes into your mouth programs your body for a specific response. The human body is not unlike any other machine. It runs best on clean fuel. Precision in your eating is of utmost importance when you want to change your body, because we will monitor those responses from the body and train the body to burn stored fat for fuel, or build muscle, or run more efficiently, or maintain current status - whatever your goals are in your Lifestyle Transformation.

Sure there’s a big difference between eating a whole chocolate cake, and eating a few bites. But those few bites are still data going into your body that will require a response. And all the little things add up. That is where precision comes in. The idea is to get your body where you want it as quickly as possible by utilizing precision.

If you are addicted to any foods, and many of us are, then precision is even more important. ONE BITE of an addictive food can set off a cycle of cravings and ‘one bite’ series that will sabotage what you think are your best efforts. (The most common addictive foods? Sugar and refined flour products.)

Remember, everything that you eat today will impact your health in the future. Food journaling with a tool as powerful as Genesis will give you the precision, accountability, and accuracy that you need for your Lifestyle Transformation.

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