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Certified Genesis Transformation coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and all complete a rigorous education: accredited personal trainer certification, ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant certification, Levels 1-3 Genesis Coach Certification Courses and both a practical and written examination. Every one of our qualified coaches is personally intimate with transforming their own bodies with the Genesis Transformation system.

Our Certified Coaches are independent contractors.


Courtney TownleyCourtney Townley - fell in love with the fitness industry 15 years ago as a student at the University of Michigan. Her love of movement and commitment to health inspire her teaching and she is certified across a wide range of disciplines. A fully certified STOTT Pilates trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer, and ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, Courtney has the knowledge and the heart to help clients from a wide range of backgrounds reach their fitness goals and she considers it a great privilege to do so. She has been working as a Genesis Transformation Coach since 2006. Contact: courtney@genesistransformation.com


Peggi Ingram, RNPeggi Ingram, RN - holds a B.S. in Nursing and worked 17+ years as an ER nurse. She is currently in the corporate world. As a busy, career-minded wife and mother spending years caring for and putting others first, she embarked on the Genesis Transformation journey. Her journey has put her in the best physical and mental shape of her life and has created a welcoming balance to her once hectic lifestyle. Her strong nursing and time management skills enable her to empower clients to achieve their own balance, fat loss, health and fitness goals. Contact Peggi: peggi@genesistransformation.com or 224-217-1490.


Katie SurjanKatie Surjan - has enjoyed life more than ever thought possible since starting her journey with Genesis Transformation. She has always had a love for people, nutrition and fitness but kept the full extent of those passions bottled up for the past 16 years while maintaining a career as a cost accountant. Through her transformation process those passions have exploded and Katie is living a life full of excitement and joy utilizing those passions as a Genesis coach! Katie has a deep commitment to continuing her own journey of constant change, not only for personal growth but also to easily relate with her clients through their own transformation process. Contact Katie at katie@genesistranformation.com or 630-742-8518.


Lyndsey MarshallLyndsey Marshall - is a 2006 business-marketing graduate of Seattle University. She made not only a lifestyle change, but a career change as well when she found Genesis Transformation. Living a very active lifestyle, Lyndsey found she still struggled with body image. Genesis Transformation opened her eyes to a different approach to fat loss. She now has a devotion to healthy nutritious food, and the role it plays in our overall health, and well-being. Bringing awareness to others on how to properly fuel our bodies is not only her passion, but a career path that has proven to be extremely rewarding. Contact Lyndsey at lyndsey@genesistransformation.com.


Gelene BerkramGelene Berkram, EdD, FNP, RN - has practiced as Family Nurse Practitioner for 17 years and been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She has worked with many patients over the years with weight issues and believes that the Genesis Transformation approach to health and wellness is truly the best well rounded approach she's seen. She loves preventive medicine and knows what positive changes can come from a focus on getting healthy. She is very excited to work with clients on their journey to health and wellness. She can be reached at gmberkram@yahoo.com.


Annie DavisAnnie Davis is a certified personal trainer through NPTI and NASM and a certified health coach through ACE. She is a full-time Physical and Health Education teacher as well as a mother. Annie has always had a passion for the health and fitness industry since she was 18 years old. She truly discovered who she really is by going through the G.T. process. Annie has inspired many people around her to make small changes to their lifestyle to achieve their desired goals. Annie is extremely passionate about helping others succeed in life. Contact Annie: trainu4health@yahoo.com.


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