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Genesis Transformation - The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes

Genesis Transformation is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of sublime health and fitness. We believe that fat loss is a direct result of a healthy body, and that a healthy body is critical to healthy thinking. We believe that every human being has the right to Thrive.

Our mission is to provide a clearly directed, simple pathway to every person seeking Genesis Transformation through the pursuit of a healthy body. We recognize that for each person who transforms their body, at least three other people will be inspired to reach for her or his own goals. Our vision is to plant the seeds of personal possibility in as many minds as we can. Our mission is to break the barriers of the mind that say “I can’t” and insert “I am.” We believe that an empowered population is one that takes responsibility for its own actions and seeks its highest levels of personal development.

We believe that our work is revolutionary. We ask you to question the beliefs that have held you back in the area of health and fitness. These beliefs generally center around gender and age. We ask you to question the reigning health authorities and to question the need for drugs before the avenues of nutrition and physical exercise have been explored.

We ask you to look at your body as a flexible unit - essentially organic, biological clay. We ask you to see it as a dynamic unit that you have complete authority to shape and mold as you desire. Your body is the only property you will ever own. It is yours alone. We ask you to love it unconditionally, and to take better care of it than you do your car, house, pets, family, friends. We ask you to put YOU at the top of your priority list and to expect nothing but the finest from your Self.

We are not AGAINST cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other disorders. We take a passionate stand FOR health. We believe that stating what it is we want is more powerful than fighting against what we don’t want. We believe that we attract what we put our attention on. We choose to put our attention on health and fitness.

Sublime health and fitness through Genesis Transformation. Because you are significant. Because what you do matters. Because you are setting an example.

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